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[resolved] Why doesn't the UK version of WP work? (8 posts)

  1. William Bowles
    Posted 7 months ago #

    I installed the UK version a couple of weeks ago and for just one edit, it recognised UK spelling but that was it.

    I re-downloaded the UK version and installed it (again) but it still won't recognise UK spelling.

  2. Dave Naylor
    Posted 7 months ago #

    The en_GB version of WordPress doesn't act like a spell checker. It will just display en_GB variants of words if there is an en_GB translation available.

    Spell checking is taken care of in browser or via a plugin.

  3. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Can you clarify what you mean by "it recognised UK spelling"?

  4. William Bowles
    Posted 7 months ago #

    I never said it acted like a spell checker, only that it should not underline UK versions of the word as if they're spelt incorrectly. Otherwise what's the point of a UK version if it doesn't accept UK spelling?

    Well, for one edit, UK spelling was NOT underlined in red, in other words it accepted the UK version.

  5. Dave Naylor
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Can you post a link to a screengrab of a word that's underlined?

  6. William Bowles
    Posted 7 months ago #

    I can't put a screenshot here

  7. Dave Naylor
    Posted 7 months ago #

    I know, it's why I said a link to one.

    I think you're confused as to what the en_GB version of WordPress should be doing. Here's an example of what it does do. If the word color appears in WordPress (the actual UI created by WordPress), the en_GB version will display colour. That's it. The maintainers of the en_GB version have gone through the code and where a word or phrase is available for translation, that's what they've done.

    What I think is happening with you is this. You are typing in the post editor and you type for instance colour and you are seeing a word underlined as misspelled. That's not WordPress doing that, it's your browser settings, probably set to US English.

    I use Google Chrome most of the time. I set its spelling preferences to British English. You can read about that here:


    If you don't use Chrome, there's no doubt a similar page for your browser.

  8. William Bowles
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Ok, I see what the problem is. Thanks, I'll check my browser settings (Firefox). Too many fingers in the pie.



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