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Where can I change the ”Avatars” upload directory - in Buddypress (3 posts)

  1. ninjaking
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I tried posting this in the Buddypress forums and got no answer after 2 weeks. So I was hoping someone could help me here.


    Hi there.

    I installed and configured buddypress. When I was doing so, I created a sub-directory on my website known as “/social-network” off the main site. So my old site would be still operational upon working on the Buddypress configuaration.

    So when I was ready, I migrated everything from the “/social-network” directory to the main root directory. And changed all references to “/social-network” as I thought. Here are the list of reference changes I made.

    1-In wordpress backend set the website to the Root-directory instead of “/social-network”
    2-Went manually into the database, downloaded via SQL and changed every “/social-network” directory to the root directory. Then re-uploaded the database via SQL
    3-Change the BP-Config file to reference the Root directory. Only area which needed adjusting was the forums

    Everything is work great, except the upload picture feature for users profile (Regular Media uploads work fine for the articles). Ie. when users first join and try to upload a picture. THe picture uploads correctly, but doesn’t get SHOWN correctly. Since it gets uploaded to the “www.website/social-network/wp-uploads/avatar” directory. And the picture reference is “www.website/wp-uploads/avatar” (As it should be).

    When I downloaded from the server the contents of “www.website/social-network/wp-uploads/avatar” and upload it to “www.website/wp-uploads/avatar” the picture shows correctly. So it’s merely not being uploaded to the right place.

    I digged around in the Buddypress plug in directory(Like bp-core file) to see if the old path is embedded (“/social-network) in there. Couldn’t find it. And I’m pretty sure I changed all references in the SQL database. Where is this path for the Avatar Upload?


  2. MichaelH
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You might also consider looking and posting that question at http://buddypress.org/support/topics/

  3. ninjaking
    Posted 3 years ago #

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