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What should I improve on my WordPress blog? (6 posts)

  1. yestyle
    Posted 4 months ago #


    I'm developing a blog base on WordPress cms
    Here's the link: http://www.webmastersun.com/blog/

    Can you have a look and give me any feedbacks which I should improve on my blog?

    Many Thanks,

  2. dpskipper
    Posted 4 months ago #

    Looks very nice, one observation would be that the text is a bit small. Increase the size of just about everything to take up unused space. Or add a floating sidebar widget to fill in the blank space on the right of you don't want to increase any sizes.

  3. kulwant2home
    Posted 3 months ago #

    Your sidebar is too empty . You should increase your width slightly .

  4. spacexgen
    Posted 3 months ago #

    Good site.

    Too many columns, site loading speed is also low
    Font is too small, try to increase.
    use good reading fonts.
    some color should be change according to me :)

  5. DesignsByTrey
    Posted 3 months ago #

    I would say that you definitely need to guide the visitors attention to where you want to lead them. The first thing I think when I visit your site is "Ahhhhh, links everywhere!" lol. There is not enough contrast in your font as to what is most important.

    I'll be honest, it looks like you have a "TON" of great information; And your blog post really interest me personally, but I wouldn't stay on your page because it looks extremely intimidating.

    5 Suggestions:
    1. I would separate the sidebar from the content area, instead of having it so close.

    2. I would increase the font size of your titles and change their color.

    3. Delete some of the sections, like random posts, tags cloud, statistics, and keep either latest comments or most viewed posts (I wouldn't do both)

    4. Put Join webmaster toward the top of your website with a little opt in form or cool button to join. You can add a different color background to that as well. Have the "Join Webmaster Sun" with the biggest font on the page.

    5. I think you site would look good with double sidebars, left and right. I would add your "categories" sections to the left one, just like SmashingMagazine.com
    has theirs.

    Just my opinion.

  6. yestyle
    Posted 3 months ago #

    Thanks @DesignsByTrey, I will improve my blog according to your suggestions soon!

    That's great reviews!

    Anyone has other reviews?


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