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Using www prefix with a subdomain setup (6 posts)

  1. converting2wp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I am not the administrator here, just a user of a multisite installation.

    The installation is set up with subdomains:


    I'm being told that there's no way to configure things so that http://www.local1.myorg.net brings up local1.myorg.net instead of giving a DNS lookup failure.

    I'm no whiz at this stuff, but that just seems wrong. So I'm asking here for any counterexamples or a pointer to documentation that has been used to make this work.

    I don't have access to the WordPress version (3.4+, I'd guess) or the OS/Web Server platform that is being used, so it's possible the local infrastructure choices are making this harder than it might be. But I'm hoping to get some information to go back to the site administrators that will convince them it is possible to make life easier for all the members of the local organizations who do persist in putting "www" in front of all their web addresses.

    And yes, I suspect this problem has NOTHING to do with WordPress, but I'm not sure where else to ask.

  2. I'm being told that there's no way to configure things so that http://www.local1.myorg.net brings up local1.myorg.net instead of giving a DNS lookup failure.

    Heh, yeah, it's not a WP question. You would have to manually create a DNS entry for http://www.local1.myorg.net and point that somewhere else. In theory you can do it, but I'm not a DNS master :/

  3. converting2wp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks. That's what I figured.

    I guess I've been spoiled by Dreamhost, where the www stuff seems to be handled automagically (for domain redirects) and with just one question (for fully hosted domains).

  4. I work for DreamHost ;) We'd probably have a moment of 'Errrrr?' if you wanted to www on a subdomain too. it's not normal.

  5. converting2wp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    <Sorry this is completely off topic>
    Just a quick update. "www" on subdomains is not uncommon -- see any mysite.wordpress.com: the http://www.mysite.wordpress.com works just fine. And on Dreamhost, the default is to have http://www.sub.domain.com go to sub.domain.com -- I can't actually see how to make it do something else.

    But to add insult to injury (sorry for whining here) the organization that created all those sites where adding the "www" prefix just gives "site not found" released their own new site last week. On that if you *drop* the "www" you get to a static page that says "click here to go to the http://www.mysyite.org". After a week, I'm beginning to add the "www" *every, single, time* I visit the site. But still....

    So if no one here has a link to a good way to set up the multisite systems that use subdomains so they can use the www prefix, too (a DNS recipe in a WordPress context, if you will) that's fine. I've changed this to "not a support question". It's okay to close it.

  6. It's not uncommon. It's not a good idea, though, for many reasons. We do it at DH because some 3rd parties (cloudflare) require it. Don't get me started on my remarks on them.

    The best I could think to do would be to manually edit all your sites to think the sitename is http://www.local1 and http://www.local2 (which you can do as a Network Admin when you set up sites, but normally people can't).

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