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using htaccess - Slideshow calls for WP-Admin (3 posts)

  1. andersonfmly
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Greetings All -

    I added htaccess to my site this week to head off an attempted hack. As a result, though, my site is prompting all visitors to log-in when they first arrive, something they should not need or have to do. If visitors click 'Cancel' at the log-in prompt the page loads and all is well. Still, something is not right.

    So I dug into this a bit today, with help from my web host (InMotion Hosting.) They determined that the Slideshow plugin is calling to the WP-Admin Directory, instead of the WP-Content or WP-Includes Directory - thus prompting the additional log-in when htaccess is enabled. While I can follow this concept, I am clueless what to do about it, or how to fix it. I am VERY much a novice at this and could REALLY use some help determining the best course of action. My web host indicated this is more of a programming issue with the plug-in, than a problem I can readily fix myself - but suggested I put it out here to the forum for any ideas. So... Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  2. dwarfbeard
    Posted 5 months ago #

    Hey everyone,

    i would like to confirm this problem.

    While using and testing the Slideshow-Plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/slideshow-jquery-image-gallery/), I encountered exactly the above depicted "bug" / problem.

    First of all: The slideshow plugin works fine for me in Firefox browser. After installing around 20 plugins for a slideshow widget I was really happy, that I finally came across a good looking and working one.

    However, on the Internet Explorer (and also on some smartphone browsers I tested) a login-window appears, that asks the viewer to log in.

    I embedded the slideshow as a Widget, which appears on every site except the mainpage. So everytime a viewer opens a page that is not the mainpage, he gets prompted to log in.

    Oviously I don't want every viewer to login, so I went on investigating this problem, because it didn't occur on my testing blog. After checking the slideshow.php-file, I recognized that the plugin seems to refer to some admin-scripts/functions (correct me plese, if my assumptions are wrong).

    So I compared the wp-admin-folder on my live blog and my testing blog.
    I found out, that the log in windows appears, because of an .htaccess-file in the wp-admin-folder, which I use to prohibit access to the wp-login.php-file and therefore the backend of wordpress.

    Long story short: I would really love to see a workaround, because I don't like to stop protecting the wp-admin-folder only for one plugin while accepting security risks.

    I'm really curious, if there is a fix, because it never happened to me before, that a plugin causes problems due to a protected wp-login-file.

    Hoping for help :)
    Thanks in advance!

  3. fmedina
    Posted 4 months ago #

    Any updates on this? Using Slideshow 2.2.20 and still having same issue. I found a supposed work around here:


    but, the code is not the same, maybe older slideshow?



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