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Users can't see comments since moving WP to new host (1 post)

  1. evilplan
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi everyone. Got a really odd problem.

    The site is http://socialistunity.com

    I moved my entire site over to a new host at the weekend. Everything seems to be working, except one thing:

    Since then, users can't see comments properly. They *can* see them listed in the sidebar - so I know that the database is listing them properly.

    They can also see any comments posted before the move. So, a post with 20 comments on Saturday, but which has had 20 new comments since, will say "40 comments on post" but only show the first 20. To test this out, load up the page and click on a few of the comments listed at the top of the sidebar. You'll be able to click on it but it won't show under the article. This happens in all browsers on all devices.

    However, if a reader posts any comment in any post, they can then immediately see all comments in all posts.

    That's making me think perhaps it's to do with cookies. If I post, I can see all comments - if I then clear cookies, I can't see the comments.

    I've disabled every plug-in, both one at a time and then all at once.

    I could really do with some advice here :)

    Thanks everyone

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