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Unable to login to blog using some browsers (5 posts)

  1. aldp
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have been running the latest two versions of WP & am on the most current (2.5) - but I saw this issue before & still see it after the 2.5 upgrade.

    Previously (pre-2.5 install) on Internet Explorer I got the cookies error (i.e. when you try to log in the following error message appears: ERROR; WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked).

    Since 2.5 I simply get nothing i.e. I fill in the log in details & then when I select log in, the boxes go blank & I am not logged in.

    Being new to WP, I have searched high and low on the support forums and seen numerous posts for resolution which I have tried without success.

    Therefore, I was wondering whether or not someone could have a look at this for me please?

    - WP installed in the root of a sub-domain i.e. subdomain.maindomain.co.uk;
    - SQL version at my host is 5.0.22;
    - Only theme being used currently is the default theme;
    - Only plug-ins being used are: photoxhibit & podpress (have deactivated both to see if it resolves the problem - it did not);
    - Checked that my browsers are actually able to accept cookies - they are - and have deleted all internet history & restarted the browser - twice for each fix tried;
    - Checked the database table (wp-options) to ensure that the correct URL is entered i.e. subdomain.maindomain.co.uk;
    - Have re-installed WP a couple of times (including deleting & re-creating the SQL database) & this removes the problem. However, as soon as re-import my database (as I don't want to lose my posts) the problem re-surfaces. So maybe a problem with an item in the database is what I am thinking?

    So I am now at a loss to resolve this.

    As I use Safari as my default browser, I have no problem getting in and administering my blog. However, most of the people that view it are using IE or FF - which means they can't log in & comment.

    Help appreciated!

  2. aldp
    Posted 6 years ago #

    For completness thought I should also mention that i have problems uploading images from within the write post / page panel. i.e. when I upload an image it doesn't then let me enter it into a post - nothing happens when I hit insert. Thanks.

  3. aldp
    Posted 6 years ago #


  4. Bas Schuiling
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Patience is a virtue :) .

    It might have something to do with the old cookies problem since ever. I've had a lot of trouble with IE. My solution was to remove the COOKIE_DOMAIN param in wp_setcookie (when the setcookie function is called - on WPMU btw ) and then remove all current cookies. This allowed IE people to log in as well.

  5. aldp
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Judging by the number of unresolved threads & their posting dates on this, quite a few people are having to be very patient on this issue! ;-))

    Hey - i know this is free software - so only moaning tongue in cheek. But it's a pretty serious problem given that the vast majority of people use IE to access content on the web.

    Where is the cookie_domain parameter? I don't appear to have a file called wp_setcookie. Managed to get everything else but this working - so frustrating....

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