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Unable to Insert images after upgrade to 3.4.1 (5 posts)

  1. kopperwoman
    Posted 1 year ago #

    This is related to topic http://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-upload-images-after-update-to-341

    That topic has not been resolved, and the moderator asked for someone to open a new topic on this.

    Since upgrading to 3.4.1 I am unable to insert images into Posts or Pages using the "Upload/Insert" icon at the top of the editing window. When I click on that link, I get greyed-out screen, as if a lightbox were overlaid on top of my editing window. But it is just a solid grey overlay--there is no image editing window showing up as a light box.

    I've posted a screenshot here of what happens when I click on the "Upload/Insert" icon: http://stonewallchorale.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/3_4_1_image_insert_bug.png

    Note the following:

    1. I AM able to upload images into the library if I do it through the Media tab. Existing images that were already in place on a Page or Post remain in place.
    2. I AM able to put an image into a Page or Post if I use the HTML tab in the edit window and put the correct image path into the HTML.

    This is fine as a work-around, but the other people who use my site aren't comfortable with HTML.

    I've tried the suggestion that rmsotiong posted (entering the default folder name into the media settings) and this did not work.

    This seems to be a bug.

    I don't have any plug-ins installed on my site that have anything to do with images. I have the following plug-ins: Custom Contact Forms; Google Analytics; HTML Javascript Adder; Jetpack; Members; SB Welcome Email Editor; ShareThis; Wickett Twitter Widget; WP Google Plus

    Is there a way to file a bug ticket on this issue? Or does someone have additional suggestions?

  2. name
    Posted 1 year ago #

    try another browser or try disabling some firefox's add-on

  3. First upgrade all your plugins. I can see you have 5 out of date. One of them may be causing the issue.

  4. ultraracenews
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm having the same issue with 3.4.1. Since upgrading to this version I'm unable to insert images into posts. Images upload into media gallery fine, but when I hit the "Insert into post" button, image does not appear in post.

  5. ultraracenews
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Is it possible to revert back to previous version that was working fine until this issue is resolved in 3.4.1? If so, how might I do that?

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