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Tweet with Page/Post not found (2 posts)

  1. rubenalonsoes
    Posted 3 months ago #

    Sometimes makes a tweet with a not existing URL and when you click on the link, it goes to an 404 error (Page/Post) not exists. Why?



  2. petemmarchetto
    Posted 3 months ago #

    I'm facing precisely the same issue, but with a bit of possible backstory.

    My site has been plagued with spam emails promising fake designer clothing and the like. These emails seem unutterably pointless, they don't even seem to lead to anything any mug could go to to pay the spammer and make the effort worth his time.

    That's the internet mentality for you.

    I did notice that one of my 404 posts mentioned one of the products that frequently turns up in my spam emails.

    All I can think is this.

    Somehow, something has managed to get into the works and is fooling Tweetily into thinking there are posts where there are no posts.

    I did a test again today, same thing. Tweetily has thirty or forty pages to choose from, so it seems a bit odd that it's choosing a non-existent page every time. (Well, three in a row). That suggests to me either Tweetily thinks it has hundreds and hundreds of pages to choose from, most of which are spam, or somehow Tweetily itself has been subverted in this fashion.

    Anyway, good to know I'm not alone here, Ruben. I know the Tweetily project is largely a labour of love and am grateful for the freebie gents, so not pushing hard here... but when you get a moment...


    Sample tweet: Pete Marchetto - 2014-02-07 12:42:58 http://tinyurl.com/pasov57


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