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[resolved] Translation on product list (5 posts)

  1. teekex
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm using version and I´ve got small issue with translation of one word on products list. The "Price" is still on english instead of local translation. I've checked PO file with translation and it seems there is everything ok.

    I've checked the wps_products_page.php (on plugin directory and on theme directory) (see bellow) and there is everything good, but there is not written "Price".

    Where should I found the "Price" written? On Log?

    <div class="wpsc_product_price">
    <?php if( wpsc_show_stock_availability() ): ?>
    <?php if(wpsc_product_has_stock()) : ?>
    <div id="stock_display_<?php echo wpsc_the_product_id(); ?>" class="in_stock"><?php _e('Prod$
    <?php else: ?>
    <div id="stock_display_<?php echo wpsc_the_product_id(); ?>" class="out_of_stock"><?php _e('$
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php if(wpsc_product_is_donation()) : ?>
    <label for="donation_price_<?php echo wpsc_the_product_id(); ?>"><?php _e('Donation', 'wpsc'); ?>: <$
    <input type="text" id="donation_price_<?php echo wpsc_the_product_id(); ?>" name="donation_price" va$
    <?php else : ?>
    <?php wpsc_the_product_price_display(); ?>
    <!-- multi currency code -->
    <?php if(wpsc_product_has_multicurrency()) : ?>
    <?php echo wpsc_display_product_multicurrency(); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php if(wpsc_show_pnp()) : ?>
    <p class="pricedisplay"><?php _e('Shipping', 'wpsc'); ?>:<span class="pp_price"><?php echo w$
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    </div><!--close wpsc_product_price-->


  2. teekex
    Posted 1 year ago #

    found mistake on product-template.php

  3. Justin Sainton
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Can you elaborate on where? That way, it can be fixed for everyone :)

  4. teekex
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Problem was on our site, somebody changed some "names" on configuration file from some reason and when other changes were made, then it caused issues described on first post.

    Just find product-template.php file on wpsc-includes directory and scroll on the bottom, there is present following code:

    function wpsc_the_product_price_display( $args = array() ) {
    if ( empty( $args['id'] ) )
    $id = get_the_ID();
    $id = (int) $args['id'];

    $defaults = array(
    'id' => $id,
    'old_price_text' => __( 'Old Price: %s', 'wpsc' ),
    'price_text' => __( 'Price: %s', 'wpsc' ),
    /* translators : %1$s is the saved amount text, %2$s is the saved percentage text, %% is the percentage sign */
    'you_save_text' => __( 'You save: %s', 'wpsc' ),
    'old_price_class' => 'pricedisplay wpsc-product-old-price ' . $id,
    'old_price_before' => '<p %s>',
    'old_price_after' => '</p>',
    'old_price_amount_id' => 'old_product_price_' . $id,
    'old_price_amount_class' => 'oldprice',
    'old_price_amount_before' => '<span class="%1$s" id="%2$s">',
    'old_price_amount_after' => '</span>',
    'price_amount_id' => 'product_price_' . $id,
    'price_class' => 'pricedisplay wpsc-product-price ' . $id,
    'price_before' => '<p %s>',
    'price_after' => '</p>',
    'price_amount_class' => 'currentprice pricedisplay ' . $id,
    'price_amount_before' => '<span class="%1$s" id="%2$s">',
    'price_amount_after' => '</span>',
    'you_save_class' => 'pricedisplay wpsc-product-you-save product_' . $id,
    'you_save_before' => '<p %s>',
    'you_save_after' => '</p>',
    'you_save_amount_id' => 'yousave_' . $id,
    'you_save_amount_class' => 'yousave',
    'you_save_amount_before' => '<span class="%1$s" id="%2$s">',
    'you_save_amount_after' => '</span>',
    'output_price' => true,
    'output_old_price' => true,
    'output_you_save' => true,

  5. Polderlander
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I have the same problem that 'price' on prodct page isn't translated in my language (Dutch).

    Where en what exactly in this script must be changed? ('Price' into 'prijs')

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