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Football Pool
Translation not working (6 posts)

  1. Marcelo
    Posted 5 months ago #

    I am trying to translate using the CodeStyling Localization plugin.

    It says that the translation is not possible because "the content does not correlate with the textdomain football-pool. This is a coding problem in the source files, please contact the author" "the translation code contaisn multiple textdomains. It seems that there is code extracted from other plugins, themes or widgets"

    Any idea on how to fix this?


  2. AntoineH
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 months ago #

    I tried the plugin and it works just fine. I added an extra language file, did a rescan and created a mo-file. It is correct that the plugin contains both football-pool textdomain and the default domain (for general texts like 'delete' I don't use my own translations). In the localization plugin you can ignore the 'default' textdomain strings. Translating those won't have any effect.

    I did find some plugin texts that didn't have a textdomain. This will be fixed in the next version.

    Btw. you can also use Poedit to make translation files.

    Posted 3 months ago #

    Hi Antoine... How can I translate the Team name? Im using WPML plugin to translate..

  4. AntoineH
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 months ago #

    Do you want to change the label 'Team name'? Or the team name itself (e.g. Brazil). In the first case you can use the gettext translation tool (I have no experience with WPML), in the second case you'll have to go to the team admin page and edit the team.

    Posted 3 months ago #

    Hi Antoine. Sorry I did not explain myself. I know how to change the team name (e.g. Brazil) what I need is that the team name changes when I change the language... (e.g. Spanish: Brasil, English: Brazil) I was reading this info but Im did not understand... https://wpml.org/documentation/support/translation-for-texts-by-other-plugins-and-themes/

    Hope you could give a clue!!

  6. AntoineH
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 months ago #

    For what I understand from that page is that this plugin uses some sort of own translation system. At the moment this can't be used with the plugin. I'll include a filter in the next version to be able to override the team info.

    If that filter is in place, you can write your own customization that hooks into my plugin, overrides the team names with a call to the WPML functions and register the translations. At least, that's my guess, I'm not familiar with the WPML plugin.


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