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Translating in Dutch (4 posts)

  1. adries
    Posted 11 months ago #


    I want to translate some English words in Dutch, but i can't figure out where i have to this.
    I try to translate "today" "month" "week" and "day" and found them in WP-FullCalendar.php but they don't show in Dutch in my site.

    Regards Ton


  2. ronpl
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Kijk naar regel 133 in wp-fullcalendar.php en voeh onderaan een regel toe met de nederlandse vetaling:

    //extra WP FUllCalendar translations here please:
    $wp_fullcalendar_languages = array(
    'es' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Hoy','month'=>'Mes','week'=>'Semana','day'=>'Dia')),
    'pt' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Hoje','month'=>'Mes','week'=>'Semana','day'=>'Dia')),
    'fr' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Aujourd\'hui','month'=>'Mois','week'=>'Semaine','day'=>'Jour', 'titleFormat'=> array('month'=>'MMMM yyyy','week'=>'\'Du\' d[ MMMM][ yyyy] \'au\' {d MMMM[ yyyy]}','day'=>'dddd d MMMM yyyy'), 'columnFormat'=> array('month'=>'ddd','week'=>'ddd d/M','day'=>'dddd d MMMM yyyy'))),
    'de' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Heute','month'=>'Monat','week'=>'Woche','day'=>'Tag')),
    'it' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Oggi','month'=>'Mese','week'=>'Settimana','day'=>'Giorno')),
    'ru' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Сегодня','month'=>'Месяц','week'=>'Неделя','day'=>'День')),
    'fi' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Tänään','month'=>'Kuukausi','week'=>'Viikko','day'=>'Päivä')),
    'pt' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Hoje','month'=>'Mês','week'=>'Semana','day'=>'Dia')),
    'nl' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=>'Vandaag','month'=>'Maand','week'=>'Week','day'=>'Dag')),

  3. adries
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Thanks ronpl,

    Much appreciated!

  4. vincebalk
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Ik heb dit toegevoegd aan wp-fullcalendar.php

    zoek deze regel op:

    //extra WP FUllCalendar translations here please:

    En voeg deze regel boven de eerste bestaande regel toe:

    $wp_fullcalendar_languages = array('nl' => array('buttonText' => array('today'=> 'Vandaag', 'month'=>'Maand','week'=>'Week','day'=>'Dag')),

    Je hebt nu Vandaag, Maand, Week en Dag in het overzicht.

    Iemand enig idee hoe ik een listview maak?


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