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[closed] Poor communication, no support, and shady (11 posts)

  1. jiffyjack
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I purchased several themes as premium individual themes with lifetime support and then followed up purchasing a membership. Several things bothered me about this group, which I will list separately:
    (1) Shady. Your membership costs a whopping $125 and then an additional $15 per month. They switched from Paypal to another outfit that wanted my bank account number and wouldn't take a credit card. I don't want someone outside of the U.S. with my routing number and bank account number. So everyone who was a member was unceremoniously dumped.
    (2) No support. Although I posted several times that my members area had never been updated, and I sent them numerous emails, I constantly had the old versions of everything and they were buggy as all getout. There was also an obvious gender problem as these guys don't answer questions asked by women. If it's obvious you are a woman, or the URL you give goes to a girlie site, forget any support. They'll give you their canned "you have to pay for customization" response. That's discriminatory. 95% of my customers are female.
    (3) Communication is awful. I watched similar questions being asked by people who came there using the freebies and they were consistently given 100% of the support team's time. If you paid for it, forget it. No support.
    (4) Not Responsive. Although they claim many of their themes are responsive. They certainly don't work on my Android 4G phone (HTC Inspire). It's not my phone because I swapped out InkThemes themes for Themify themes and they format beautifully to my phone.
    (5) Incompatible with Plugins. I began making a list of the numerous plugins InkThemes' themes are incompatible with. After 30 I stopped and switched themes. That's ridiculous. I only have about 34 plugins I even use. If you have to tweak the plugins you use for EVERY site you're wasting an additional 5-10 hours per site. That's too much. I haven't had a single problem with plugins with Themify themes. Or with Elegant Themes either.
    (6) Inconsistent rendering and long load times. Many of their themes have sloooooooow response and long load times. I mean more than 9 sesconds. That's silly. As others have disabled some of their cufon fonts, I tried that. Still horrendous. Switched to Themify and no problems. I'm actually very thankful I switched to Themify and their themes were 1/8th the price of what I paid for the crappy themes at InkThemes.

    I've been doing this now for a couple of years, started out slow and am building a nice portfolio. When I started with InkThemes they answered my questions. Not promptly but at least I got answers. Then they launched almost all of their themes with "freebie" versions and support completely disappeared. In addition, they became insulting and snarky. I would not recommend these guys to anyone. I spent 40 hours per site setting up these themes and customizing for customers. Then I had to go back and remove their themes from the 50+ sites I'd put them on. Save yourself a big headache and go somewhere else. Especially if you do e-commerce. I tried over 12 of their themes with 3 different e-commerce plugins. Not a single one worked. And they wanted to charge me to "customize". LOL, I don't think so.


  2. veterano
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I just found a moronic bug in InkThemes' BlackBird theme. I must say, for crappy code like that, it is a blatant effrontery if they ask for $305 in the first year ($125 + $15/month) - not to mention the shady practices you talk about. Alas, shady practices and arrogance are very often paired with incompetence.

  3. jiffyjack
    Posted 1 year ago #

    That quote sounds very Mark Twain, can I use it? Love it. "Shady practices and arrogance are very often paired with incompetence."--veterano, wordpress.org Amen.

  4. veterano
    Posted 1 year ago #

    LOL, yeah, if you wanna quote me like that, be my guest. :)

  5. veterano
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Would be nice to know where I'm quoted though... :-)

  6. InkThemes.com
    Theme Author

    Posted 1 year ago #


    I got your email yesterday to which I replied and never heard back. I don't understand if you were not happy with the service at all why you made multiple purchases on different months for different themes (Anyways, I do agree, sometimes it takes a little time, before anyone can actually judge the product completely and maybe you were not able to judge the product completely after your first purchase.)

    To your shady practice quote, we are using 2Checkout as our payment processor, if they are not accepting your credit card, I can't help you with that. I personally didn't ask for the bank details, if the payment processor is asking you to fill your details, there is nothing I can do to help you in that. This is the process followed by almost every payment processor and this is something which I don't have control over.

    I have read almost every issue that you had and I know any answer from me would not justify each and every issues that you had.

    You say, our payment processor asks you your bank details, which can route your bank details.
    You say, We give 100% Support to Free Users while We don't support premium Users at all.
    You say, We discriminate between female users.
    You say, none of the plugins work with the themes.
    You say, We are insulting and snarky
    You say we charge a very high price of $125.
    You say, themes are not responsive at all.
    You say, we provide you with the older versions of all our themes even though we had the updated themes with us.

    As, I said earlier, I know, any answer from me would not justify all the issues that you had. I am sorry, that your experience was really bad.

    I do think, there is no point in being a unhappy customer, which is not my motive at all. Since as you say, that you have removed each and every single of our theme with other themes, since they didn't worked at all or even if you are still using them. Do send me an email with a refund request and I would process your payment refund immediately.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,
    Neeraj Agarwal

  7. jiffyjack
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thank you for illustrating my point so perfectly. You don't know. You don't care. And last but not least, you won't do anything. You can certainly send me a refund; I'd be delighted. But since you haven't done it and came here to whine, I'll assume that was an empty promise, just like your "theme club".

  8. InkThemes.com
    Theme Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    @jiffyjack - I send you an email asking your details, do reply back with your details and I would proceed.


  9. jiffyjack
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I received several disturbing and insulting emails from you and a partial refund. I'd say thanks but it doesn't pay me back for the headaches. What I didn't appreciate was you contacting the 8 customers who still had an inktheme theme on them. These sites are no longer maintained by me, but they are nice people and don't need to be harassed by InkThemes. You've taken repulsive to a whole new level. Perhaps in India noone cares if you surf the internet and harass people. Here in the U.S. it's illegal. You contacting my former customers and harassing them is akin to me contacting every one of your customers and sending them copies of the offensive emails I've received from you.

  10. InkThemes.com
    Theme Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    You paid total of $155 to us since January, Paypal doesn't allows refund after 60 days. Since you asked for the refund after the time of over 9 Months, I paid you the amount of $155 directly using my Credit Card, which incurred Paypal fee and you received $148.65. Now that is what you call the partial refund.

    [ Details redacted ]

    Earlier you said to me that you don't use any of our themes as they are crap, so I offered you the refund. When I looked around you were using our themes on like 8+ website of yours or your client. I had no issues at all regarding that.

    Here are few links, where you are still using the one of our theme.

    1. http://wishuponawebsite.com/
    2. http://domesticabuse.info/
    3. http://jiffywebsites.info/
    4. http://ashleynicolecoleman.com/
    5. http://nataliesnook.com/
    6. http://benchedandblindsided.com/
    7. http://formiguel.com/
    8. http://sewmistress.com/
    9. http://plotwhisperer.info

    You are saying we contacted your Clients and harassed them which is utterly non-sense, why would I contact your clients or your customers, when I am directly in touch with you and I don't understand why you are falsely alleging that I sent offensive emails to your customers, when I had never sent any mails to any of your clients or customers.

    Since, I had refunded your payments already, I no longer want to continue the discussion regarding your issue and don't want to interrupt the public forum anymore.


    [ Redacted ]

  11. This is a support forum for WordPress.ORG software and it not the place to have these discussions. If someone has made a purchase and becomes unhappy with that purchase take that discussion somewhere else.

    @InkThemes.com I've removed the personal comments and more importantly the links to the images of that PayPal information. Do not post personal information like that again.

    I'm closing this thread because it has become pointless. If anyone has a support question please post a new topic.

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