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Static Front Page, Blog Page not getting the Loop's Latest (3 posts)

  1. colesdav
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Alright - took me a while to notice this, but I've got a static homepage set up with a blog page tied to the Loop. Main site:


    I've done this entirely inside of the wp-admin interface, set the homepage static and pointed the loop to the /blog page. The blogs are showing up, but only the first six - there are another 7 or 8 posts that we've made over the last few weeks that are all visible through the archives or through the categories, but they're NOT showing up on the blog page. Since it's been set up through the interface, I'm not even sure where to find the code to eyeball it. I don't think it's a category restriction since I've played with adding the newer posts to categories that ARE showing up in the older posts, so it seems like it's date driven...

    Don't know what's wrong - I've tried pointing the loop to another page and then moving it back, to no avail...

  2. pointed the loop to the /blog page.

    What code did you use to do that?

  3. colesdav
    Posted 4 years ago #

    No code... just this:
    Link to Screenshot

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