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Starting Anew (2 posts)

  1. m3llow5ky
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I had recently posted another thread concerning a connection problem with the database, but because the comments didn't really get me anywhere (thanks for the help though), I decided to start fresh and try to get a different database from my web server.

    To start off, the organization I work for uses Primus as their web server, and we have phpMyadmin (v. included, so while I was looking at the instructions for creating New Users and stuff, I got totally lost. There is no privileges tab or button I see, and I don't know where I could possibly create a new user. The database I'm going to try using wordpress on is in a way, "pre-built"; I didn't create it. It was from a list of "available databases" and I just simply clicked a button with an arrow on it to indicate that it's now installed. I wouldn't know how to put a new database on my account otherwise.

  2. ce_bradm
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi m3llow5ky. To confirm, are you trying to figure out how to create a new database? You may need to contact your hosting provider. While I believe you can create databases with phpMyAdmin, with some hosts you cannot.

    For example, cPanel is very popular hosting software. cPanel includes phpMyAdmin, however you cannot create databases withing phpMyAdmin, you must do it within cPanel directly (this is due to the way cPanel controls users / permissions / etc).

    Contact your host with this question, and please do respond back if you don't understand their response.

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