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[resolved] Stack Overflow Errors In IE (3 posts)

  1. This problem has been on my blog for quite awhile. When someone loads my blog http://www.jeffro2pt0.com in internet explorer, and clicks on one of the articles to see it in a single page view, they receive 2-3 stack overflow errors. I've done some searching and it looks like this is somehow related to javascript.

    Could anyone help me figure this out?

  2. I've narrowed the stack overflow error messages to a specific plugin (MyAvatars 0.2b) and this block of code:

    <img class="MyAvatars" border="0" src="<?php echo $mybloglog_IMG; ?>" onload=" if (this.width > 48) { this.width = 48; this.height = 48; } ; if (this.width < 48) { <?php echo ($gravatar) ? "this.parentNode.href = '" . $gravatar_URL . "'; this.parentNode.title = '" . $gravatar_TITLE . "'; this.src='" . $gravatar_IMG . "';" : "this.parentNode.title = '" . $mybloglog_NO_TITLE . "';"; if(!$gravatar && $default_IMG != "")echo " this.src='". $default_IMG ."';";?> this.onload=void(null); }" alt="MyAvatars 0.2"/>

    Could anyone help me figure out what is it in this block of code that would be causing STACK OVERFLOW errors in Internet Explorer?

  3. I ended up getting rid of this plugin which seemed to be the cause of the stack overflow issues.

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