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[resolved] Root site admin not working (5 posts)

  1. beinglostinla
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have had a rough time getting the site set up... it seems like every time I try to change a theme or add a plugin I would find one that breaks it. I have learned to be selective and research.
    Then I got everything working the way I needed it to. I'm so happy. The site went live today. Starting to get traffic. I found a problem with the way certain content was being delivered (streaming video). So I researched a bit and decided to install the JWVideo plugin.
    Immediately after activating it any and all admin pages including adding posts or pages simply doesn't work on the root site or on the network admin. However, all the subsites admin still works, and the content on the root site still works.
    So... this is not the same disaster I have been fighting all along... I feel like there may be some hope...

    ... is there any hope?

  2. Remove the plugin.

    Have you been network activating plugins? If so, stop doing that. ;) Not all plugins are meant to be network activated.

  3. beinglostinla
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yeah, a little more investigation showed a bunch of mem alloc errors in the php log so I figured something like that might fix it... and it did!
    Theres a plugin that does a mass activation on the network, forget the name right now, but I've been using that because it fixed a problem I was having with another plugin. It would be cool if there was some way to tell which would work with the network and which are not meant to be network activated. You know, like, before one tries to network activate them? I would gladly be the first to claim 'idiot' status with this stuff, is there a way to know it won't work before breaking things? other than trying them on a test network that is....

  4. Install plugins network wide that MUST be running on all sites. Otherwise, do 'em one at a time.

    And trial and error is the only way :/

  5. It would be cool if there was some way to tell which would work with the network and which are not meant to be network activated.

    The ones that are not meant to be network activated are usually just regular ol' single WP plugins.

    In other words, if the plugin author WANTED you to network activate the plugin, there's a line they put in the plugin header, and network activation is the only option.

    Also - some plugin authors skip this bit, but mention it in the instructions.

    Bottom line: if the plugin description, tags, instructions and any other text never mention multisite, then do not network activate the plugin.

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