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Multisite User Management
[resolved] Roles not auto assigned ... (4 posts)

  1. chuckingit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi - i'm not sure if i found a bug or if this is the way the plugin works as i just upgraded from version .6 to .8 and now with .8 the roles are not auto assigned unless after importing users i manually reset the roles from the Network Admin Settings panel ...

    i have WP Multisite 3.1.2 and have 5 subsites ... when i go to subsite #2 and import users, they show fine in that subsite but are ignored in the other subsites that have roles varying from Subscriber to Authors ... even when i log into those other subsites as those users, my role is not respected ... but if i go back to Network Admin -> Settings -> Multisite User Management -> and select a subsite, say #3, then change the role to none, then save changes, then change the role back to author and save changes, then voila - the plugin changes all the users to that role ...

    but this seems odd and i'm pretty sure this was not the case with version .6 ... (i'm gonna check later today and roll back) ... i did read in another post that someone recommended putting the plugin in the MU folder ... currently i have it Network Activated ...

    thanks in advance for any pointers that can be shared ... it is possible i have flawed sense of how to work this in that i thought i could add users at a sub-site level, like on Site-2, and that Multisite User Management would auto assign said users to all the other sites ... maybe i need to import at Primary site ..??.. maybe plugin has to be in MU folder ..??.. maybe ..??.. cordially, chuck scott

  2. chuckingit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    okay just an update fyi in that i rolled back to version .6 and put plugin in mu folder and still got same results ... thus it must be something with the CIMY-USER-Manager plugin and/or changes in WP since in 3.0 everything worked but now its buggie ...

    and as added fyi, if i add a user manually as admin at Network level, the user shows but no sites are auto assigned to that user until the user logs into to one of the sites, then the roles and other sites show in user dashboard as well as Super admin dashboard ...

    thus to be continued ...

  3. chuckingit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    well all this is a bunch of none sense on my part as i went all the way back to zero, reconfigured et al and could not replicate the wierdness i was getting and yes, in the end, all things worked as advertised ...

    the only thing i can think of (since i painfully went back and did one step at a time with one browser session at a time) was two fold ->

    a) when new users are added (either manually or imported) they appear in the Super Admin Network Dashboard only in the one site they were added to until that user logs in to another site on the network ... thus the process of a user logging in updates the user sites and their roles in said sites in the admin dashboard ... which leads me to ->

    b) browser sessions and cookie trip ups ... today's tests were done on two different WP networks using same set of plugins and user info ... but this time around i made sure to only have one browser session open at a time thus believe the reason i got wierdness before might have been because i had multiple browsers open before ..??.. i had tried to be mindful of this before by using firefox for admin stuff and ie for testing the user login stuff ... but later this afternoon, using only one browser, logged in as a given user, then all the site dashboard settings seemed to make sense ...

    i should also mention that i tried going back to ver.6 and putting ver .8 into the MU folder but in the end, all i needed was version .8 Network Enabled from regular plugin directory and voila - all seemed to fire ...

    accordingly, big Thank YOU for awesome plugin and sorry for any false alarms i might have started with this thread ...

    and as fyi for others who might stumble upon this thread, yes, the CIMY USER Manager plugin did indeed import user data at subsite level and co-exists with this plugin in that roles were respected across the network (but only once i logged in as that user into a site on the network - only then did the admin dashboard get updated and show all the sites a user was registered with) ...

    cordially, chuck scott

  4. thenbrent
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Chuck, thanks for your reports. In response to item a) I've updated the plugin so this should now be fixed in versions > 1.0.

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