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JF3 Maintenance Redirect
Redirect to static page results in blank page (6 posts)

  1. fjavier
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Hi, I noticed there is at least one similar unsolved topic but unfortunately it has been closed.
    Out of the 3 redirection methods the redirection to static page is resulting in a blank page. I'm having my arrangement installed into the root as in the following sample:

    My homepage: http://myWPsite.com/
    Static page: http://myWPsite.com/static.htm

    Now if I invoke any existing page in the site it results in a blank page and lands at URL: myWPsite.com
    However if I type directly: http://myWPsite.com/static.htm it displays as it should.

    Thanks in advance


  2. chilibird
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Hi, I'm having the same problem. Any clues? Anyone?

  3. lwyndham
    Posted 9 months ago #

    I am also having the same problem , as a work around I selected the "HTML Entered here" method of redirection and add the following code.

    <html lang="en-US">
            <meta charset="UTF-8">
            <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=http://www.example.com">
            <script type="text/javascript">
                window.location.href = "http://www.example.com"
            <title>Page Redirection</title>
            <!-- Note: don't tell people to <code>click</code> the link, just tell them that it is a link. -->
            If you are not redirected automatically, follow the <a href='http://www.example.com'>link to example</a>

    Just replace the 3 instances of "www.example.com" with the website you wish to redirect to.

  4. CAPOcards
    Posted 8 months ago #


    This is probably a better solution, no click required.

    <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://www.yourdomain/temporary-index.html">

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

  5. toneloc001
    Posted 7 months ago #

    I have tried using this plugin and its not working at all. I have to use simple 301 redirect instead. Any reason why not working?

  6. acurran
    Posted 2 months ago #

    same problem here, the redirect is not working. I remember this used to work fine some time ago - maybe it got broken from some version or WP onwards.


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