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puzzled by category usage (4 posts)

  1. indigo
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am trying to get the hang of WP and generally find it easier to use and more transparent than several other systems. BUT, why does a choice of category only present itself using the 'simple' write mode - and dissappear in the 'advanced' - I would have thought it would be more appropriate the other way round if anything.
    In fact I would like it to be in both...
    However, in 'edit' mode it vanishes again, so once an item has been categorised - that's it - no re-categorising
    or changing the category from 'general' if the initial writing was done in advanced mode.
    Before I have astab at finding out why the category choosing ability dissappears,
    is there a hack for keeping the ability to categorise in both write modes and in edit mode already written?
    It would be nice..

  2. indigo
    Posted 9 years ago #

    follow on to above..
    when investigating the html code generated for the 'advanced' write mode and the 'edit' mode
    I find that the code to display the category selection tree is actually present in all the pages:
    <fieldset id="categorydiv">
    <div><label for="category-1" class="selectit"><input value="1" type="checkbox" name="post_category[]" id="category-1" checked="checked"/> General</label>
    <label for="category-2" class="selectit"><input value="2" type="checkbox" name="post_category[]" id="category-2"/> second category</label>

    but only displays on the 'write' page when set to 'simple'.
    I can see no difference in the html for those pages yet only one displays in my browser (IE6) , the others don't.
    If I put the code in a text editor locally and then view it with the same browser the category selection tick boxes appear in all cases (but obviously without css formatting). curious.

  3. Beel
    Posted 9 years ago #

    That does sound logically antithetical doesn't it? If I am following you correctly, I cannot recreate your situation in 1.3-alpha-2 so maybe it has been corrected. I'll have to leave it to someone else to ascertain whether it is indeed specific to all 1.2 users.

  4. pezastic
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem with IE 6.0 and WP 1.2. I don't see the category tickbox list with advanced controls, but do with simple controls.

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