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Problems encountered with WP2.5 + WP2.5RC2 (1 post)

  1. voddie
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I eagerly upgraded on of my WP installs to 2.5 and the upgrade went very well and seemed very easy to do, then I ran into the following problems.

    Media Library
    The flash uploader is a good idea but it will not presently work for me.
    In write a post, add media (image) the flash uploader appears but half way down the page and because I cannot scroll to the bottom of the input box I cannot complete anything.

    See screen shot at http://www.vodrive.com/wp-images/medialib01.jpg

    If I upload an image, it uploads then comes back with an error saying 'Specified file failed upload test' even though the image is within the parameters set, ie the image was a gif 136x87px.

    See screen shot at http://www.vodrive.com/wp-images/medialib02.jpg

    There is no thumbnail created and no preview of image when click on 'gallery' and no way I can get to any controls lower down

    See screen shot at http://www.vodrive.com/wp-images/medialib03.jpg

    Sidebar and widgets
    When editing 'design', 'widgets' I can only get WP admin to show 'sidebar 1' no matter which theme I'm using, so I am unable to to move widgets to different sidebars.
    One theme with sidebars left and right will still only show 'sidebar 1' but funnily enough actually shows some sidebar widgets that seem to be with the theme but I cannot remove or add to them.

    I checked my install, reinstalled, cleared everything and even changed test domain and then reinstalled, nothing changed.

    I have also done an install of WP 2.5 RC2 (and I checked my install, reinstalled, cleared everything and even changed test domain and then reinstalled) that is available and this has exactly the same problems for me.

    Are these the problems which the majority of users are encounting or are these new ones?

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