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  1. Redman-31
    Posted 7 years ago #

    How to make another page wich function as posts page ?

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 7 years ago #

  3. jasonh1234
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Found this via search,

    Read the page template section,

    Still not clear on how this would work...

    I want the front page which contains posts (home)and a duplicate of (home) let's call it (home 2) which contains seperate posts.

    Posts to home do not appear in home 2.

    Say Home is about computers and has categories called hardware, & software.

    Home 2 is about media and has categories called video, & audio.

    The write post page would have a dialog which allows you to select which page to place the post on. eg: "Publish to Home or Home 2?"
    Perhaps their own category tags which are seperate of each other would appear dynamically after selecting the publish location. eg: "Oh you're publishing to home 2? Well then your category tag choices are video, and audio."

    Both Home and Home 2 are managed through one WP installation. They use the same database.

    Is this possible?

    I've seen some sites attempt to achieve this effect but it seems to be through multiple installations.

    Have a look at macrumors . com and see their page tabs to see what i mean. (Look for the "page 2" tab.)

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