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  1. TomGruber
    Posted 2 years ago #

    My name is Tom. My site is tomgruberteam.com This is a WordPress blog.

    There is a problem with a post. I posted a blog: http://www.tomgruberteam.com/free-food/

    At the top right, where the tabs are, there is a blank tab that overlaps the ViSalus tab and hangs down. I assume that it is a tab for the Free Food page. I did not want this to be on a separate page. I wanted this to be a post to my ViSalus page.

    Neither do I want this to be a post to my home page. The first time I added this as a post, it showed up as posted on my home page. I deleted that. Then I tried to add it as a post to my ViSalus page. At the top, it says new. New what? New page or new post? I wanted a new post posted to my ViSalus page, not a new page.

    All of this raises a number of questions:

    1. Can I make posts on all my pages (which is what I want to do) or can I only make posts to my home page?

    2. Is this all the room I have at the top for tabs? Is that why the last tab (which I do not want as a tab, though I may want to use more tabs later) hangs down?

    3. Perhaps I should be using categories. I don't even know how categories work.

    Also, how do I change fonts, font sizes, and font colors?

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