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Post content stripped out of description (6 posts)

  1. All my twitter cards are showing a link to my Google+ profile, which is appended to the_content, instead of the_content itself. I am using the plugin 'Google authorship for multiple authors' to add the profile links. Example tweet.


  2. oneTarek
    Plugin Author

    Posted 10 months ago #

    The text "My Google+ profile" is generated by the plugin Google authorship for multiple authors'
    I will try find out the main point of this issue. Thanks for notifying us.

  3. Thanks! Wondering if it is an issue with filter ordering somewhere?

  4. Kevin Sutherland
    Posted 2 months ago #

    This seems to still be an issue. All my descriptions (with the exception of the home page) are only "Google+ Kevin Sutherland" The rest of the page's content is stripped out.

    I do not have the Google authorship plugin installed. Now it is Jetpack itself that is putting the Google+ link in the Sharing area of the page and that's what's getting picked up by this plugin for the description.

  5. Kevin- Are you having an issue with Jetpack itself? Can you provide steps to repro the issue?

  6. Kevin Sutherland
    Posted 2 months ago #

    No, not per se. Jetpack is what is adding the Google+ profile link to the page, which is absolutely fine. It's just that Twitter Cards Meta's method of pulling out the post content is stripping out everything *but* the Google+ profile text.

    I noticed that the Open Graph plugin I use also uses a routine to pull the post content for the description tag and it returns the post content as well as the "Google+ Kevin Sutherland" text. In most cases, the post content is so long that that part doesn't actually make it into the Facebook Open Graph Description.

    That suggests to me that maybe Jetpack could have a better way of inserting the Google+ profile link so it doesn't show up along with the rest of the post content when plugins query the database.


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