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[Plugin: WPBook] See More vs Read More (2 posts)

  1. deanloh
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is not so much a problem, but more of a usability issue.

    The posts displayed in News Feed or Wall has a See More link appended to the end of a longer post. Clicking on it reveals the full post, but not in proper paragraphing. I also noticed text with hyperlinks is omitted in the output, rendering the post illegible.

    Most users tend to see and click on the "See More" link first, and assumed that's all to it (bad post without paragraphing and missing words everywhere) few users would be aware that they should click on the "Read More" link instead. For that matter, users tend to post comments in the news feed post itself rather than in the post within the apps page (or the actual blog)

    I somehow believe, by removing the "See More" link, or better, by linking it to the full post, may improve usability and encourages correct use of the app. Raise your hands if you agree.


  2. johneckman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Deanloh.

    The problem is that the "see more" link is something Facebook puts in - they strip all the HTML formatting from the "excerpt" WPBook provides.

    One approach you can use is to use the "excerpt" in WordPress - write a custom excerpt for each blog post, and WPBook will use that to post to the wall/feed. Otherwise WPBook just takes the whole content and allows Facebook to truncate at some predetermined length. (300 chars?)

    I suppose the other approach I could take is to make WPBook do the trimming - cutting the first N characters of each blog post - but there is some risk in doing so that it will be non-sensical (ie, it will stop mid-sentence or something).

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