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[Plugin: WordPress Amazon Associate] Changing Link - Target and Masking (3 posts)

  1. SK-K
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, i am using the plugin WordPress Amazon Associate on my site. It's doing fine, but there are 2 thing i would like to change.

    1) How can i get rid of target="_blank"? I want my text links to open in the same browser window.

    2) Is there any way to mask links? I would like to let links look like mywebsite.com/somename instead of http://www.amazon....... Or does it work with some plugin, which does mask links?

    Hope somebody can help me on this.

  2. Matthew Denton
    Posted 2 years ago #


    1) to modify the target simply set it to a different value in your ShortCode. e.g: [amazon_link target="_self"]...[/amazon_link]

    2) Not currently. I have the masking capability as a very low priority item for a future enhancement. In my opinion there is no reason to mask urls to other websites as it is misleading to visitors. Depending on how other plugins work if they have set their filter to run after the shortcode has been parsed then they could mask the outputted links.

  3. SK-K
    Posted 2 years ago #


    1) I thought there would be a away, to change the setting, so i would have to do it once and not on every link on every page, but that will do fine. Search and replace will do, thanks for the advice.

    2) There is one big reason to mask links. You can track masked links.

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