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WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM
[resolved] Plugin sending two leads (7 posts)

  1. dnicol
    Posted 5 months ago #

    Im trying to pin down why the plugin is sending two leads and two emails. Any suggestions?


  2. Nick Ciske
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 months ago #

    Let's start with:

    Plugin version?
    Link to the page with the problem?

    Have you tried disabling all other plugins to see if one is conflicting?
    Have you tried switching to a bundled theme (2011-2014) to verify it's not a theme issue?

  3. dnicol
    Posted 5 months ago #

    Nick, Can I email you the test site somewhere? Id prefer my test link not be crawled by the robots? :)

    We are running the latest version of word press.

    I have not turned off all plugin but I did start to disable ones that seem to have email capabilities.

    Im not the expert on the theme side I'd have to check with someone on that.

  4. Nick Ciske
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 months ago #

    Rule out plugin and the theme first conflicts first. 99% of the time that's the culprit.

    Also, are you using a form in the sidebar and the post/page content? e.g. 2 forms (same id) on 1 page?

  5. dnicol
    Posted 5 months ago #

    Im only using one salesforce to lead form. We had another form for another plugin but removed that. I'll look to disable plugins and see if that helps.

    In a thread I read I heard you were looking to offer commercial support for this plugin with paid features etc..

    That available yet?

  6. Nick Ciske
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 months ago #

    OK, then something else is causing a double submit (e.g. 2 forms of the same id would explain things).

    There's a link for premium/paid support in the sidebar of the plugin admin screens, and the support guidelines:

  7. dnicol
    Posted 5 months ago #


    Will fill out your support form tomorrow and contact you that way. Will save me some time and we can post back findings to this so others can benefit.



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