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get_attachments_by_media_tags() twice offset fix (2 posts)

  1. alx359
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This one was tricky.

    I'm doing archive.php pagination using get_attachments_by_media_tags(). For example, let's say I'm calling it this way:

    $media_items  = get_attachments_by_media_tags('media_tags=cars&size=full&offset=10&numberposts=10);

    Let's also say the 'cars' tag has 50 assigned media attachments in the DB.

    What I expect it to happen:
    - $media_items object array to contain the references to 10 attachments, which are between 10-20th of 50 (i.e. offset of 10)

    What really happens:
    - $media_items object array contains the reference to 10 attachments, but they are between 20-30 of 50 (i.e. starts at 2x the offset)

    The offending code and reason for this below.

    media-tags\media_tags.php ~li 344

    // If the calling system doesn't want the whole list.
    //[alx359] offset already sliced the attachment_posts array when calling get_posts() above. No need do again.
    if (($r['offset'] > 0) || ($r['numberposts'] > 0))
    	$attachment_posts = array_slice($attachment_posts, $r['offset'], $r['numberposts']);
    if ($r['numberposts'] > 0)
    	$attachment_posts = array_slice($attachment_posts, 0, $r['numberposts']);
  2. Paul Menard
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks. That whole core function needs to be reviewed at some point. It was written way back. Thanks.

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