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Add conditions/Conditional statements (2 posts)

  1. sycomsimon
    Posted 1 year ago #

    We have set some fields in mm to calculate the cost of glass for example

    ((width / 1000) * (height / 1000)) * thickness * number_plates

    Where thickness = the actual price per sqm. E.g; 34.25 per sqm

    All of that works great however we cannot take any orders under 0.50m2 and i want to be able to add a conditional statement that is hidden saying if the area is less than 0.50m2 the formula will charge 1/2 a sqm2 in price so 34.25/2 = 17.12 and the price can then change upwards if the choose say a W700mm x H700mm.

    Who can answer this? please anyone !!!!!


  2. colingunn
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It isn't clear to me why you are converting to mm if the price is in meters^2. The width and height inputs are in meters, correct?

    Well, assuming that ((width / 1000) * (height / 1000)) gives you sqm, you can get what you want by using the IF function!

    IF(((width / 1000) * (height / 1000)) < .5,((width / 1000) * (height / 1000)) * (thickness / 2) * number_plates,((width / 1000) * (height / 1000)) * thickness * number_plates)

    Is that what you are looking for?

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