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[resolved] Links never change (3 posts)

  1. djcubez
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm using the custom post types UI to create a store. I've tried changing the permalink structures, changing permalinks to false and even changing the guid in the database for all of my posts in the post type. Nothing works.

    Basically, I create a page in my "Store" post type. Then if I want to view the page from the admin panel the link it ALWAYS gives me is this "mypage.com/?store=name of page complete with spaces" and it's always not found. However, if I use this link: "mypages.com/?post_type=Store&p=postid" it does work. How come it doesn't automatically use this structure? What am I doing wrong? This is frustrating me to no end.


  2. djcubez
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Alright, basically I have a few questions about the capabilities of custom post types.

    I'm setting up a store per this guide: http://mondaybynoon.com/2010/08/09/wordpress-custom-post-types-phpurchase-cart-part-2/

    I have PHPurchase installed with products. I've setup the Store custom post type and I've setup a taxonomy called "Product Categories" with a few options. Basically, I want people to go to the main store page (just a page) that links to the different "Product Category" pages. But when I add a new "Product Category" per the taxonomy where do I go to see all the posts that are in that specific "Product Category?" I've looked up the term_id in the database and tried going to "mysite.com/?cat=term_id" and it doesn't work. I'm getting really frustrated when I know I shouldn't be. I just assumed that once I set these up they'd work just like posts/pages do already in wordpress and they'd follow the same structure but apparently not.

    For instance I have a custom post type "Store" with the page "Test Product" and a page id of 1171. This link doesn't work: "mysite.com/?page_id=1171" nor does this one: "mysite.com/?p=1171" but this one does: "mysite.com/?post_type=Store&?p=1171." Why does it do that? I know enough about PHP to write a script into the category display that will modify the links but I can't get the categories to display. It's frustrating.

    Hopefully I'm not being too confusing.

  3. dwcouch
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey there djcubez. Curious how you came out. I'm in the process of doing something similar.

    I tend to avoid plug-ins so I'm about to attempt going ahead w/out using Custom Post Type UI.

    Perhaps the below link will be of help to you.

    Custom Post Types

    I don't completely follow you on that last post. I'll try myself and report back for posterity.

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