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[closed] [Plugin: Alkivia Open Community] [Plugin: Alkivia] Few simple questions about the gallery photo (3 posts)

  1. iceq
    Posted 4 years ago #


    1- An image should appear in the user's profile when using the template "profile-sample", but the anonymous photo shows up instead, despite the fact that the photo does appear in the users list which uses the "list-default" template.

    2- I use the plugin "User Photo". THis plugin gives the user the ability to upload his own photo. To my surprise, the avatar that appeas in the users list (provided by Alkivia) is the photo that the user adds to his profile using that plugin. In any case, I do not see where a user can upload his photo to be displayed in his profile, or in that "gallery" that the plugin offers. I simply cant see where the user can upload his Alkivia gallery photo or avatar.

    3- When clicking the "author's latest posts" that appears under the "about me" box, in the profile-sample templated profile page, I get 404 error, as the plugin takes me to

    4- it would be great to add the comment itself under the titles of the posts that are listed under "last comments on", in the user's profile page. Can I do that ?

    Thanx !


  2. Txanny
    Posted 4 years ago #

    As User-Photo plugin and Open Community do both the same thing (replaces the default avatar function) is not recommended to use both on the same install, as there are collisions.

    The plugin that loads first defines how avatars are managed, and being this already defined, the second plugin omits it. Not omitting the avatar replacement would give you a system crash.

    In other words: User Photo and the gallery component of Open community are not compatible as both try to replace the avatar system.

    About Author latest posts, this is the author login for the user that created the posts. Is this author on the users list ?

    You can change any content on the templates by creating your own template and filling it by using the WordPress API functions. You need to create a template and get all comments for the user and display the comment content the best way that suits your needs. When having some time will check for the function you need to do so.

  3. Samuel B
    Posted 4 years ago #

    MU forums are here

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