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Permalinks caused my site to crash (1 post)

  1. iamarogue
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I find myself in the less than ideal situation of running a website for a student group at a university. The site is hosted by the university, so their tech support is terrible and I don't know anything about the server. (Someone else set up the website several years ago, I just started)

    Basically what happened is I tried to install a plugin (CGM Event Calendar, but that's not important) and was trying to get it to work for a while, when I realized it was trying to generate a static page at mysite.com/calendar/ and I did not have pretty permalinks on. So I went to turn on pretty permalinks, which promptly crashed the whole site.

    What I do know:
    -I get an error page any time I visit ANY PAGE: the home page, the wp-admin area, everything.
    -I don't know what the error is because the university has overridden the error pages. (it just tells me that the area is forbidden)
    -I'm using WordPress 3.0.1
    -I'm pretty sure the server's running PHP 4.4 (ick)
    -an .htaccess file was NOT automatically generated. tried adding one, didn't change anything

    I've done a pretty thorough search about people who have trouble with permalinks and I'm pretty sure I'm not hosted by a server that supports permalinks. If anyone can help me make it work, that would be great, but right now, all I want is to undo permalinks, but I can't get into the wp-admin area. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup.

    Does anyone know what files are edited when you turn on pretty permalinks?

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