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Parent-post and child-post for contributors (2 posts)

  1. DeeMo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Case scenario: a community of friends used to run a venue that eventually became a reference point for the city cultural life. After twenty years they want to recount that experience on an online platform.
    They have a timeline of all the events that took place during a two year time. So every event could be a parent-post with a brief description, maybe a poster, then every community member should be able to contibute it's own written memory (child-post), with pics gallery, video, whatevrr. The result would be an article starting with the parent-post and all the child posts afterwards. Comments at the end. Like this:

    Title h2: Event #3 (the parent post)
    content, by author1, meta etc.

    --Title h3: contribution to Event #3 (is a child-post)
    content, by author 2, meta etc.

    --Title h3: other contribution to Event #3 (is a child-post)
    content, by author 2, meta etc.

    Comments to event #3

    contributions can be added at any time by different registered users.
    Top of the tops would be to have a "contribute" button that opens up a post editor ready to publish a child of the current parent post.

    Q:Why don't we use Parent/child pages?
    A: we are currently exploring the idea, but pages have their own limitations.

    Makes any sense?
    Would that be crazy to implement as a plugin?

  2. takien
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi.. here is my plugin called WP Sub post

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