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Ousting frustration! (1 post)

  1. fernashes
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Argggggghh! :)

    I'm sort of working on a sort of plugin. I've played with the two plugins that can put an icon into a post which matches the name of the category, but I didn't like them. For one thing, they were way to static and I didn't like how they worked: you had to add an extra field to your post and then put the name of the icon there. Ick!

    What I'm working on now is a (static) solution...simply a PHP case/switch which takes the name of the category and then puts in the right icon. Once I've got that working, I'd like to make it dynamic, as in a PHP page that will list all the names of the categories that exist and then link an icon to the name of the category. What I haven't figured out is how to position the image on different blogs with different skins (another thing I didn't like about the other plugins: it was either "left", "right" or "center").

    It's just been a while since I've written PHP or worked with it more than just changing templates around. The C and C++ knowledge is really helping. It's just.... argh! Frustration! :-P

    Feel free to tell me anything you like... this kind of distraction is welcome!

    And if you want to see my strange attempts while I'm at it: http://www.iwannabeme.nl

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