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Old technology that lacks basic performance and security (6 posts)

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  1. healthproductsusa
    Posted 1 year ago #

    This plugin is a slow, antiqued, unsecured piece of junk. If you want a little store with a few items that only requires a very simple site like WordPress's basic Twenty Twelve theme (or you're willing to use one of Woocommerce's plain Jane theme's), then this cart might be OK but I seriously doubt it. If you want a site that not only looks good but performs well and is secure - stay far away from this thing. If you think you can use a custom theme and various other plugins to correct all the glaring weaknesses of the Woocommerce cart, you are going to either spend a small fortune or you are going to be pulling your hair out fixing endless problems. Within a few weeks, you'll want to slash your wrists. Actually, if you want an effective site that can be continually upgraded to the latest technology without starting from scratch every single time, DO NOT USE WORDPRESS, it sucks!!!!

  2. mikejolley
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #


    Can you explain why you feel the plugin is not secure? We take security very seriously, and its been fully audited by several experts.


  3. healthproductsusa
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Your plugin has no protection against brute force hacks or bogus account creation (customer account), does not allow webmasters to enforce strong passwords (customer account) and does not prevent spam in ANY manner (product review). Additionally, there are NO security plugins, such as any type of captcha, that work with Woocommerce. More importantly, because nothing works with it, all WordPress forms are rendered permanently vulnerable (comments and admin login).

    Also, the plugin is bulky and cumbersome for the user and is slow as molasses, particularly transaction processing.

    On a positive note, the support staff is excellent.

  4. mikejolley
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    That shouldn't be the case. The login and review system are both built upon WP (its not custom functionality) so actually you can make use of other plugins, including:

    - Akismet for spam protection
    - Captchas
    - Any plugin which limits login attempts should also work for the login

    Additionally, checkout account creation can be disabled from settings should you wish this flow to be external.

    Regarding speed, I think it depends on a) the amount of traffic, and b) the server you are running. You certainly don't want to be running a popular store on shared hosting, thats for certain.

  5. penseelibre
    Posted 11 months ago #

    NO woocommerce is not slow. you have to work in css, cache, theme, presentation, and it is fast. I get good appreciation on special site to verify that. 96 % page speed grade and 80 % Yslow grade.

  6. healthproductsusa
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Sorry, but you are incorrect. My pages score at 99% on ySlow, 100% on Pingdom, 97% on Google speed so my site is about as fast as you can get with WordPress. Woocommerce is still slow. Regardless, that is really not the primary shortcoming of Woocommerce. It makes the site entire difficult to protect from spam and other intrusions.

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