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MySQL server has gone away after upgrade to 3.0 (5 posts)

  1. bestfin1
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm getting this message:

    I did the 3.0 upgrade with the automatic upgrade plugin...

    everything was fine until the last step...

    In the database upgrade..

    The page just seems to be there for ever and after all it shows is this message..
    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT option_name FROM wp_options

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    INSERT INTO wp_options (option_name, option_value, autoload) VALUES ('siteurl', 'http://bestfinecomputers.com', 'yes'), ('blogname', 'My Site', 'yes'), ('blogdescription', 'Just another WordPress site', 'yes'), ('users_can_register', '0', 'yes'), ('admin_email', 'you@example.com', 'yes'), ('start_of_week', '1', 'yes'), ('use_balanceTags', '0', 'yes'), ('use_smilies', '1', 'yes'), ('require_name_email', '1', 'yes'), ('comments_notify', '1', 'yes


    Now before posting this i went and reviewed some similar posts and I went up ahead and did the upgrade manually...

    Same thing...
    and my site right now is a blank page...
    I'm needing some expert help asap...
    Much appreciated..

  2. Something is knocking the MySQL server offline. You should contact your hosting provider.

  3. bestfin1
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Never mind... with all these posts around here looking for help after upgrading to 3.0 I'll be better off if I go back to 2.9.2...

    Won't upgrade until I'm sure WordPress has got a stable version..Working right..

    Just went back to 2.9.2 and everything went back to normal...

  4. Most of the problems are with conflicting plugins. Just deactivate your plugins before upgrading and all should be fine.

    I have personally upgraded several blogs today without any problems.

  5. brettbum
    Posted 4 years ago #

    experiencing lots of problems with this on a site, the error is killing the cpu, doesn't seem to have anything to do with plugin conflict (red herring)

    Rob seemed to have a pretty good handle on the REAL problem up through wp 2.8.2 or so, but no updates on it since then

    Anyone found a better solution to this yet???? issue seems to lie in the wp-db.php file

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