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Minimum Charge does not function logically (2 posts)

  1. ajamm
    Posted 1 year ago #

    When using the 'Flat Rate' minimum charge option , this is adding any charges to the minimum rather than topping charges up to the minimum.

    Create flat rate with minimum of $8.50, and per unit charge of $4.25... when ordering 2 units, charge is $12.75 rather than the $8.00 expected. Woo 2.0.2 WP 3.5.1. (has been like thsi since WC 1.6)

    Mike - please dont tell me this is intended. You can't offer a minimum charge that isnt a minimum charge... if you do, can you add a minimum charge option please :-)


  2. ajamm
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I see... 'default handling fee', just above 'minimum fee' are actually related to one another?
    I guess this should be 'minimum _handling_ fee'?

    It's a bit odd that there is a minimum option for a handling fee, but no minimum actual shipping fee.

    I would have thought a simple minimum shipping charge/fee would have been higher on the list than an obscure handling fee option.

    My use case is this... my customer sells small items, 2 fit into a courier bag... 1 costs $8.50 to ship and 2 costs $8.50 to ship. Customers can also buy in larger quantities. Is there an option for this simple method?

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