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Messed up URL, Can't get to the Dashboard (4 posts)

  1. dsraup
    Posted 2 years ago #

    In trying to get my blog to appear on /blog page I changed my Settings URL for wordpress to /blog. This was a very dumb thing to do.

    I've spent the last 6 hours straight trying everything I could find on this forum and the internet. It appears I'm one in a very long line who has messed their url up and are in no man's land.

    The simplest and best advice I have followed has been step 2 in:

    Nothing works after carefully following these FTP instructions.

    Here is my two lines in my index.php file as instructed:


    I've tried different domain versions as well. one with www. included, one with /blog included as instructed. With the above two lines this is the latest error code when I try my admin link:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function update_option() in /home/content/31/9179631/html/index.php on line 2

    I found something on the internet that said only use the first line. Tried that and got this same error message back.

    Good news is that I learned for the first time how to use the FTP Zilla program.

    The Bad news is that after two days of setting up my first WordPress site and beginning to feel a bit more comfortable this is devastating. I have several sites to set up after this first one. I cannot take this risk of huge amounts of wasted time.

    I'm afraid WordPress is above my pay grade to do this entirely solo.
    This is for my business and I just can't spend hours reading forums and following technical instructions I don't understand.

    Can someone recommend a fix asap for this immediate problem AND a person to talk to for hire if necessary that can get a quick fix for future potholes in this journey? I have no problem doing the work. I need a WordPress coach on call to walk me through it.

    Many thanks!

  2. WPyogi
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You can post on the Jobs page if you are looking to hire someone. You could also put an ad on your local Craig's List for WordPress help

  3. itspmm
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, I did the same thing on one of my sites.

    My solution was to go to my server CPanel and log in. The next step was to identify the relevant database. Using PHPMyAdmin you can browse the various tables. The one you want to edit is the wp_options table.

    There will be a line that allows you to enter the correct URL for your site. Save the changes and you are done. Very simple and works immediately after you have logged out of CPanel.

    If you have not done this sort of thing before, just don't rush it.

  4. dsraup
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you. Thankfully, your tip, itspmm, lead me to my GoDaddy Domain Servers where the awesome GoDaddy tech support help desk walked me through this easy restore procedure...

    I checked out the jobs page, WPyogi, and had my reservations due to the prior seeker's comments and length of time of the postings. Since I learned (again) I need a trained and experienced human to talk me through the tougher learning blocks I registered at http://www.odesk.com for free lance help. Within minutes I have 18 candidates to screen for future help. Again I just need a trusted bullpen to rely on when I'm in a jam.

    I can now do a proper screening with the pressure off (for now)

    I'll come back to this post if odesk.com isn't working for me.

    p.s. Given the HUGE number of identical problems posted in these forums and on the internet should there not be a LARGE WARNING SIGN on the settings page about changing your url? Newbies like me are lulled into complacency as you can change just about anything in WordPress as you poke about your learning and get out of any problem.

    But when you lose access to your whole site?! Yikes! That puts you in a troubleshooting arena that is way out of your league as a WP Newbie.

    As an example my call to Go Daddy wasn't to get a fix it was to find out more about their web product. I planned to drop WPress since I had no control to fix the urgent problem. Instead when I mentioned my vexing WPress problem the Go Daddy support guy actually wanted to help me (I don't think they are supposed to help on 3rd party apps like WP.) in less than 5 minutes we had the whole thing corrected and I was back on line!

    Huge lessons learned in this 24 hour crisis and am looking forward to building my series of WP sites again.

    Thanks to you both.

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