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  1. karlis.dubavs
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I would like to ask your help regarding construction
    of a gallery. This is what I have in mind - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6415346/picture_gallery_demo.jpg

    I've made it already, but I'm thinking of making it more
    efficient. Right now all the pictures are stored as posts,
    previous/next links go to next and previous post,
    post content (picture description),
    title (picture title), and a custom field containing image
    are all echoed on a page called Gallery (refreshing the browser).

    My idea was that I could make a single page called Gallery
    and store all the pictures and their descriptions in its custom fields.
    Pressing previous/next would than take info from previous/next
    custom field and output it one the gallery section on my website.

    Is it possible ? If not possible with custom fields I can stick with using posts for content storage. Can I avoid the whole browser refresh ?
    Any code snippets, ideas or directions where to look, would be much
    appreciated. I'm new to wordpress and don't understand php very well, so more simple answers would be preferred.

    Thank you :)

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