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little problem with the broken layout of the blog front page (1 post)

  1. aundc
    Posted 1 year ago #

    sorry for confusion and my stupid question:

    but i found first your plugin and used it - cause i got a little problem with the broken layout i decided what to do and ...

    now i found a second one, Its the Version 1.0.3 of Sara Cannon & Dan Gavin from http://responsivetwentyten.com/.

    These both are independent but named same?


    let me tell my main problem as mentioned above :-)

    i would like to ask for some little help.
    i do have running a a WP-Site with a lightly modified TwentyTenFive theme.

    As i liked to get responsive & ready for mobiles too, i caught your fine plugin , installed & switched it on. First everything look well.

    But then i saw only one little problem that the use of responsivetwentyten-plugin breaks sudenly the blog front page a bit. The #wrapper which is filled with a background-image now doesn't reach down to the bottom of the page anymore, it stays only ca. 20px in the height and this does look a bit ugly ...

    !But if i go on to the first article itself, all does look pretty as earlier before when i didn't pluged-in responsivetwentyten.

    So i think this will only happen if i use the responsivetwentyten-plugin. (this 0.3 and the 1.3 version!)

    I would like to use it on, but i can't resolve this problem ...
    A switch from the this first installed version 0.3 to the responsivetwentyten.com - version 1.0.3 today didn't solve this little missfits.

    If you like to have a look, please go here
    and afterwords to compare

    one addition: its broken layout does appear on both, mobile & my workstation screen!
    especially the 2. isn't i like so ...

    thank you for patience and for some little help in advance,
    happy xmas!


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