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List Next three posts from specific category (1 post)

  1. flabrea
    Posted 3 years ago #


    i am stuck ;( i want to extract content from the next three posts from a specific category (frontpage, 3 blocks - left, middle, right - headline, pic, text).

    the content i'd like to extract is saved in "More Fields" fields.

    the left one should show the next ending posts (<?php meta('Date'); ?>)

    the one in the middle the one ending after the left one

    the one one on the right the one ending after the middle one...

    the content must be ordered by <?php meta('Date'); ?> (MOREFIELDS)

    can pls pls pls anyone help me and tell me how the code must look like
    for the "left", "middle" and "right" block?

    thank you so much! i am really stuck!

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