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Links placed in comments are not clickable (9 posts)

  1. wulfmaer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've installed WordPress 2.0.4 and am using the "WordPress Default 1.6" theme and am frustrated by the fact that links placed within comments are not clickable. It does not matter if the links are listed as (http://)sitename.com or simply (www.)sitename.com they are not clickable and this issue is not covered in the documentation. I've seen others discussing this problem on the net but I haven't been able to find anyone responding with a solution that actually works and makes the links clickable. Changing to a different theme does precisely nothing. Any help would be most appreciated.



  2. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    hmm.. interesting. its not covered in the documentation because theyre sposed to be clickable. Ive left comment tests on a few sites and seen no problems.

    Are you sure you uploaded a new copy of /wp-includes/functions-formatting.php ?

  3. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I just uploaded a fresh copy of 2.04 to a server, installed it and successfully made a link with a bare url.

    Im not sure whats wrong on your end, a link might help.

  4. wulfmaer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Well, the site is on my laptop MAMP http://www.mamp.info/ hosted server and isn't accessible on the net. I'm using both Safari and FireFox to access the blog, but the links are disabled on both. Is there a tag I can look for in the code which makes links clickable? Maybe there's something I can do to the code to correct this bug.

  5. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    you didnt answer my question. Did you OR did you NOT upload a fresh copy of /wp-includes/functions-formatting.php?

    A "tag", what do you mean by a "tag"?

    As for correcting code, im not sure what you expect to correct since you dont know whats broke..

  6. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I may as well as add that is of special interest to me, since the fix for a problem with the make_clickable fucntion was provided by me, consequently the changed function is my doing.

    I am working with someone that is using 2.0.4 and they, like me, and the tests I've made, are having absolutely NO problems like you've described.

    There are a few things to check:

    1st one. inside /includes/default-filters.php, make sure that:

    add_filter('comment_text', 'make_clickable');

    is NOT commented out.

    You sounded in your first post, like it was bare urls that you were having trouble with.. is that the case or not? A bare url is one without the a href stuff, just a plain typed in url.

    What happens with a url thats not bare, ie one where you type out the a href= stuff?

    PS: bugs are repeatable.

  7. wulfmaer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    1) My upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4 was completed by following the upgrade instructions exactly as written and this means that the functions-formatting.php file was indeed copied over to the server and replaced the old copy. I have since copied it over multiple times and restarted my web server and cleared my browser caches in the hopes of 'shaking something loose' but to no avail. Could this behavior be affected at all by MySQL and the way that table data is being retrieved?

    2) By 'tag' I'm referring to a specific script function in a php doc.

    3) Here is the code from my default-filters.php file. The specified line has not been commented out:

    // Default filters for these functions
    add_filter('comment_author', 'wptexturize');
    add_filter('comment_author', 'convert_chars');
    add_filter('comment_author', 'wp_specialchars');

    add_filter('comment_email', 'antispambot');

    add_filter('comment_url', 'clean_url');

    add_filter('comment_text', 'convert_chars');
    add_filter('comment_text', 'make_clickable');
    add_filter('comment_text', 'force_balance_tags', 25);
    add_filter('comment_text', 'wpautop', 30);
    add_filter('comment_text', 'convert_smilies', 20);

    add_filter('comment_excerpt', 'convert_chars');

    4) The link actually works if I use the full anchor format! But wow, that's a pain. When I finally publish the blog on the web I'd like people to be able to easily add clickable links to the comments without having to write html.

    Thanks for your help. It's much appreciated.


  8. wulfmaer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    By the way my server is running PHP 5.1.2. Could this be the issue?

  9. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i dont think so, no. what plugins, if any, are you using?

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