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Kanji turns into question marks in the blog title (1 post)

  1. MazterZ
    Posted 4 years ago #

    When I installed the blog, I used these kanji as the title for my blog "銀の道". Everything worked fine, I imported my previous blog from WordPress.com so I could continue it and installed a theme. Everything was still fine, until I went to the general settings to update the timezone, I only adjusted the time setting, but when I saved it, I found out that my pretty title had been turned into three question marks.

    It worked fine before so why would that kind of thing happen to it now? I can't even change General Settings without being in fear of losing my blog title? Rewriting that title has no effect, it turns into question marks again.

    Every setting that I have looked is in UTF-8 in the blog. So, would it be possible to change that title manually in some file? Then I wouldn't touch General Settings again. Or, is there a way to make WordPress accept those Kanji without forcing them to question marks?

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