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Is WordPress the right choice for this design (4 posts)

  1. edwinbradford
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi all, I've created a previz of a portfolio site I would like to build at this address: http://www.edwinbradford.net/download/EdwinBradford_Previz.zip

    Sorry its not currently in a format that is visible within a browser, its a short 1280x1024 resolution video, MP4 format. I used After Effects for a change rather than Flash.

    Hopefully it's clear and shows the main functionality. My question is, is WordPress the right solution and what would I gain by using it or should I look elsewhere? I'm prepared to learn the scripting and I'm pretty sure I'm going to build this with PHP.

    I've ranked the functionality I can see in order of priority:
    01. Switch between Japanese and English text.
    02. Videos are streamed from Vimeo.com.
    03. Animated opening and closing of panels (CSS layers?).
    04. Manage content from a simple database/content management system.
    05. Animated colour change on links.
    06. Custom cursors (the hand icon).
    07. Sound effects on buttons.
    08. Control the loading order if possible.
    09. @fontface support for bitmapped fonts.

    Can WordPress do it? Is WordPress the best tool for this?

    Thanks all.

  2. 01. Sure, just find a multi-language plugin

    02. At easy as pasting the URL of the vimeo video into your post (seriously, that's IT, oembed works)

    03. Mmm. I think so, but you'd need some heavy duty theming. JS and CSS can do that.

    04. That would be WordPress for sure :)

    05. CSS can do this.

    06. CSS again.

    07. ... Okay, YES, you can do this but dear g-d, don't! Forced sound is bad and not sensitive to the disabled or people at work ;)

    08. 'Control the loading order'?

    09. IIRC there are some plugins for this.

  3. edwinbradford
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for replying. I've been trying to find the answers this afternoon but having someone answer is so much better. I sympathize with you on point 07, I tend to feel the same, but given the content here I've had other feedback that they thought it needed more sound, judgement call. Its a low priority either way.

    I see now I wasn't very clear on point 08, in the previz when the page loads, each row loads one at a time. It looks smoother even if its not as efficient at loading.

    I appreciate not everyone will want to download a .zip file, I posted a PNG here http://www.edwinbradford.net/html/preview.html although you won't see the animation of course (I also tried importing the MP4 into Flash but it won't play online, typical Flash problems).

    WordPress is currently the forerunner amongst the options.

  4. Ah. Yeah, that's just kinda how webpages work. They load in order. But yeah, should be doable.

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