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Installation problem??? (8 posts)

  1. drjosh07
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I uploaded all of the files using my ftp as the installation guide said; however, when I tried to go to the address and install it through a web browser this is what I got:

    Name Size Date Modified
    OMNI Hotel Pictures/ 5/24/12 8:21:00 AM
    cgi-bin/ 5/24/12 8:00:00 AM
    index.php 397 B 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    license.txt 16.2 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    readme.html 9.0 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-activate.php 4.2 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-admin/ 5/24/12 8:42:00 AM
    wp-app.php 39.3 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-blog-header.php 274 B 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-comments-post.php 3.9 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-config.php 3.3 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-content/ 5/24/12 8:42:00 AM
    wp-cron.php 2.6 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-includes/ 5/24/12 8:44:00 AM
    wp-links-opml.php 2.0 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-load.php 2.5 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-login.php 27.0 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-mail.php 7.6 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-pass.php 413 B 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-register.php 334 B 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-settings.php 9.7 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-signup.php 18.1 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    wp-trackback.php 3.6 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM
    xmlrpc.php 3.2 kB 5/24/12 8:40:00 AM

    What am i doing wrong?

  2. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Site url?

  3. blogvkp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    As per the given data, you must have tried to install your wordpress in sub directory. Like yourdomain.com/blog , and you must have not uploaded any thing to your main domain. And then finally you just uploaded your wordpress files to your main domain insted of your subdomain and so your browser shows you the whole of those folders insted of the wordpress page.

    Its small mistake and can be undone esaily.. If you have cpanel on your hosting.. just go and delete all those folders ( wp-admin, wp-content and every thing listed above ). Then go to softcaolous ( sorry don't know the spelling ) and click on wordpress. Then click repair, let every thing as it is, and click reinstall. Your wordpress is fine again.

  4. michael.mariart
    Posted 2 years ago #

    What you are seeing there is a directory listing of the files that are in your main root folder. This is shown when there's no index file in that directory (of course, for a more secure site you'd have directory listing turned off, but that's a question for another time).

    Because you can see the 'index.php file in that direcotry listing, your server should have executed that and shown the system. Because it didn't I'd be a bit concerned. The smallest problem could be that your hosting comapny didn't add 'index.php' to the list of index files for your hosting account. The biggest problem could be your hosting company doesn't support PHP so nothing is being run.

    To test thatPHP is actually working, go to http://yoursite.com/index.php

    If you see the install wizard, then PHP is working. If you see something that starts with:

    <?php /** * Front to the WordPress application.

    That means that your host doesn't have PHP enabled (or possible available) for your hosting account and you won't be able to run WordPress without getting them to change that.

  5. blogvkp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    No I think he won't get it.. since if he haven't installed it on the main root then mysql is also not located for that location. and so the file will not be executed..

  6. michael.mariart
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Sorry blogvkp, but I do believe that you are wrong. The location of MySQL has got nothing to do with PHP at all. Your MySQL server can be anywhere from on the same machine to across the world just as long as your web server can access it. Even if MySQL was the problem, PHP would still execute, and throw an error saying that the database can't be reached or some other sort of MySQL-related message.

  7. blogvkp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yes i am sorry for this, but your sentence " The location of MySQL has got nothing to do with PHP at all. Your MySQL server can be anywhere from on the same machine to across the world just as long as your web server can access it.................. "

    is completly wrong. When we install mysql databse.. it installs per directory specification.. ( I don't have any knowledge about all this .. mechanical engineer ) .. that is yourdomain.com/blog ( requires another mysql installation.. and yourdomain.com ( requires another mysql )..

  8. michael.mariart
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Sorry blogvpk, but that is not correct. I think that you are getting a bit confused about the terminology that's used.

    MySQL does not install per dirctory. The DB files are stored outside of your hosting account, and can be accessed from anywhere using a MySQL connection set up by PHP. Under most circumstances there is only ever one MySQL installation on any server at any one time. Because the communication works through ports, only one application can access a port at one time, so multiple installations would block each other. You do not need multiple installations of MySQL, but you can use multiple databases if you like. That's a completely different thing. But that still doesn't have to be done per-directory. You can use the same database for multiple setups as long as you change the table prefix. One MySQL installation can run 1,000's of different databases.

    But MySQL is still not the problem with for this. As i said before, if PHP was running then it would display an error. Since it's not displaying anything, PHP is not running.

    I also can't see why you think that the website is installed in a sub-directory. drjosh07 didn't say anything about installing in a sub-direcotry, and the file listing shows all of the WP files. If it was in a sub-directory then you would only see that sub-directory folder shown, but you see the list of WP files, so they are looking in the right place for it. It all comes back to PHP not working Once that's sorted out I'm sure that the site will work as expected.

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