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  1. jason1044
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I am looking at using WordPress to archive a book collection.

    I'm looking for a solution which can do the following:

    • Create static pages (WordPress can do this, I know)

    STATIC PAGE TAGGING OPTION A: • Use MySql to create static pages with specific criteria so users can view or search for specific attributes (such as "First Edition", "1800 - 1810", Authors last name, etc.

    STATIC PAGE TAGGING OPTION B: • Create "Tags" for the static pages. (In other words, if a static page is tagged with "First Edition", "Hardcover" and a user wants to either search or view the static pages by tag, they could search by (or view by) specific tags: show all first editions for instance.

    • Create static menus on the homepage (Something like links which read, "First Editions" "Out Of Print", etc which would return static pages tagged with the corresponding tags)

    I like the customizable aspect of WordPress (I currently use Blogger for a simple website) and as a Mac user, I don't like the available archiving programs available for Mac, I'd rather "roll my own".

    I'm only talking about 200 or so books, which I won't be selling online, this is just an archive project for public consumption.

    Any thoughts on whether WordPress is the way to go?

    (I can have someone program a custom site for me, I know, but I'd like to do this on the cheap and have access to the files myself)

    Thanks a bunch in advance!


  2. CowPi
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Try looking at Library Thing to see if it meets your needs.

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