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Help ! - Please provide a solution (5 posts)

  1. ericdubaiweb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have two sites: Mainsite.com - with WP installed in root and Secondsite.com/test with WP installed in test folder. Both the sites are up and running fine.
    Due to SEO reasons I want the url of the second site to show up as secondsite.com and not secondsite.com/test

    I have a godaddy ( shared hosting ) - Deluxe account.
    Godaddy's support suggests to use a 301 redirect, tried it - not working.
    May be i am doing it wrong ?

    Any other solutions ? Suggestions ?

  2. Follow this guide to move WordPress.

  3. ericdubaiweb
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Thanks for the link. But the doc discusses about moving files from directories which currently is not my problem.
    If I move the files lets say from test folder of secondsite.com/test
    to the root of secondsite.com the secondsite is directed towards mainsite.com that is why in the first place godaddy asks you to install wp in a subfolder of the second , third , fourth..... domains.

    I am still searching how to fix this.....

  4. govpatel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If you have two domains on same host account then you should be able use addon domain feature that will install wordpress in folder but the addon domain will direct to that folder with out the folder name.

  5. Go Daddy
    Go Daddy Support
    Posted 3 years ago #


    As you are using our Deluxe hosting, you should already have set up your secondsite.com domain in its own folder. The folder you created for that site will perform as its own root directory for secondsite.com. Therefore, you should not need the /test folder. I recommend re-installing the site in the folder you created as the root for your secondsite.com. Then a re-direct would not be necessary.

    If you have further questions about how to do this, please feel free to contact support with more details as they can access your site and see how it's setup and assist you with getting it all squared away: http://x.co/WeHelp.


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