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Format field for input (1 post)

  1. CliffDillard
    Posted 5 months ago #

    I have three fields, all defined as varchar.
    City: varchar(25), email: varchar(75) and memo: varchar(1000)
    I have a table display from which I click on an item to edit it.
    Since the memo field is entered through a multi-line text box I wanted to have a large edit box so I used the format: memo!'500;500'
    The 500 height works fine but the 500 width has no effect.
    I tried City!'500' and it works fine, extending the edit box across the screen. But email!'500' has no effect and, as mentioned, trying to change both height and width for the memo field has no effect on width. Since all three fields are the same type in the database I am confused as to why the formatting is not applying on two fields but works find on the third.
    Any ideas?



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