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[resolved] Footer Decoding (3 posts)

  1. ZippoFlame
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ive read on the forum about decoding base 64 code and ive tried everything i can with the knowledge ive got to do it but im unable to work it out.

    Could anyone decode the following into readable php language. So i can then just copy and paste it to replace whats currently there. If you can it would be much appreciated.

    code<?php $__F=__FILE__;$__C='Pz48ZDR2IDRkPSJmMjJ0NXIiPg0KDQogIDxwPiANCkQ1czRnbjVkIGJ5IDwxIGhyNWY9Imh0dHA6Ly93NWJoMnN0NG5nZzU1a3MuYzJtIj5XNWIgSDJzdDRuZw0KRzU1a3M8LzE+IDFuZCA8MSBocjVmPSJodHRwOi8vdDJwd3B0aDVtNXMuYzJtLyI+VDJwIFcycmRQcjVzcw0KVGg1bTVzPC8xPi4gDQogICAgDQogICAgDQo8L3A+DQoNCg0KDQo8L2Q0dj4NCjwvZDR2Pg0KCTw/cGhwIHdwX2YyMnQ1cigpOyA/Pg0KDQoNCg0KDQo8L2IyZHk+DQoNCjwvaHRtbD4NCg==';eval(base64_decode('JF9fQz1iYXNlNjRfZGVjb2RlKCRfX0MpOwokX19DPXN0cnRyKCRfX0MsIjEyMzQ1NmFvdWllIiwiYW91aWUxMjM0NTYiKTsKJF9fQz1lcmVnX3JlcGxhY2UoJ19fRklMRV9fJywiJyIuJF9fRi4iJyIsJF9fQyk7CmV2YWwoJF9fQyk7CiRfX0M9IiI7'));?>

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 5 years ago #

    First advice--get new theme that doesn't 'trust' you.

    Then this faq:

    How to get rid of encoding in a theme's footer?

  3. ZippoFlame
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thankyou for the help ive now managed to edit it into HTML.

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