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[closed] flickr and racism (2 posts)

  1. voiceofguyana
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I know a lot of folks have done a lot of great work on the flickr plugin, but I'm recommending all people, especially Blacks and other minorities to stop using for hte following reasons.

    I was using flickr to publicise some photos I've been collecting about lynchings for one of my sites propagandapress.org one day I received an email from a white gentleman who claimed that he was the owner of this photographs. now if you know anything about anything this is ridiculous, and even if this gentleman 'owned' these photos he should be on trial for accessory to murder in the least.

    anyways, I ignored the gentleman and went on about my business. a couple weeks later I noticed that my photos were not appearing on my site any longer. i went to my account and tried logging on and it said that my account was terminated. i thought this was a mistake and emailed flickr, this is all I got in response.

    Flickr Support [case57063@support.flickr.com]
    That account was terminated for a violation of the Flickr/Yahoo Terms of Service: posting prohibited content.

    Ana: What content was on there that is prohibited and why wasn’t I notified?
    humble regards,
    el diablo

    i've been trying to get more information out of flickr and they've been ignoring me so far. i would like the help of this community at wordpress to pressure flickr by getting this info out as much as possible.
    anyone who would like to contact us and get more info on this and/or help can reach us at propagandapress.org and fill out the contact form
    thanks in advance and have a great one

  2. ifelse
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This is a WP support forum and not a place to vent about other services and issues; such posts really belongs on your own blog. Hence, I'm closing this thread.

    Also, please don't multiple post.

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